From girl to goddess—my fascinating journey

My life has evolved significantly in the past two decades from a native and naive Ecuadorian girl, to a Busty Glamour Model with admirers around the globe. This has been a fascinating journey in so many ways. Still, the best is yet to come, and I promise to share my exciting adventures with my members along the way through blog posts, photos, videos and other great ways to connect. But here’s a taste of how I got here…

Welcome to America

icon_90_lgI was a late bloomer: it’s true. Plus, I was a tomboy and a bit of a rebel, so I didn’t get into boys until very late in high school. Even then, my breasts were just a cute pair of C-cups that I mostly hid anyway. When I came to America right out of high school, I still had a lot of growing up to do and I knew almost no English, but I was determined to make it. I worked very hard on my language skills and eventually I was able to secure my first job as a Nurse’s Aide for advanced stage AIDS Patients. I was so scared at first, but soon I took great pride in my ability to help bring these men a little bit of sunshine and compassion every day. I learned valuable lessons about life back then that still serve me well today.

Attracting attention

icon_65_lgEventually my English and people skills enabled me to get a job at a supermarket close to home and I started in the bakery. It was heaven for me. Whenever there was something freshly baked, they would put me out in the store in my little apron and white hat to pass out sample bites. I was so cute hahaha, but that might be the first time I developed “Fans” because it seemed like guys would start to time it right to be in the store when Antonella was giving out samples, LOL. So it was about this time that I actually started getting a little more interested in guys and enjoyed the attention I was getting…at least some of it. I didn’t have a lot of boyfriends over those years, but my body did start to develop a lot more, and I definitely noticed an increase in heads turning, lol.

Workplace mayhem

mystory_icon_3Eventually I moved on from the bakery, even lived in Italy for a year, but I eventually settled in California and got a job working for The US Department of Immigration. At this point I was in full bloom and it was becoming more difficult to find clothes to fit me. I had gained a little weight, but 98% of it was going to my enormous boobies! Working in a huge Federal building put me in front of thousands of employees every day and that created all kinds of stories—some are pretty crazy. My body was starting to be everyone’s topic of conversation wherever I would go. And honestly, if I had a $100 for every woman who has asked to squeeze my breasts or just did it without asking, I could be retired right now, LOL! Guys are way more careful, but it was clear I was causing daily commotion 😉

Finding my home

mystory_icon_4Along the way I thought it might be a good idea to educate myself about boobs, big ones mostly. I started studying breasts in vintage and current Glamour photography, as well as Fine Art and Statuary, and then I spent some time looking in the mirror. Once I understood that my breasts were big and beautiful, I took a closer look at all the most spectacular women in this business, and that’s when I decided to strive to be one of the best Glamour Pin-up models of my generation. But ultimately, you will be the judge of that.

Our bright future together

mystory_icon_5So now I’m all yours! I have some lofty goals, and I want to reach those with the love and support of great guys like you! Nothing makes me happier than to bring a smile to your face. So please come along for the ride and enjoy the rest of my journey with me mi amor!