Welcome to my world!

Mi amor, I am so excited to personally welcome you to my intimate archive on the Web with all my video, photos, and slo-mo featuring my gigantic, spectacular, all-natural, 32-K’s! Plus, there’s a lot more inside, like my true-life Selfie Stories that take you behind-the-scenes in my crazy life—pictures included! So don’t miss out, join the fun now, you know you want me xoxox 😉


Join my Archive now!

Very Social Media


I love the way Social Media enables me to interact with so many wonderful people. I guess you have to be a bit of an exhibitionist, but I get such a thrill from being able to reach out immediately and show you whatever fun hotness is going on—wherever it’s going on, LOL! My loyal members will enjoy exclusive access to mi vida loca, and those special guys who show me the most love will be in line for some epic surprises when they least expect it!

Gorgeous Photography


Working with the-best-of-the-best photographers, I am shooting stunning photos constantly to drive you crazy! Members will have exclusive access to all my heart-stopping images to cherish forever. Plus, there will be a never-ending supply of all my behind the scenes pics that will range from mild to wild, but always with the style and class you’d expect from your Ecuadorian Goddess.

Stunning Video


While my photography will be amazing, there’s nothing quite like seeing my perfect 32-K’s in motion! So I will be producing lots of video sure to blow your mind! All my videos are shot in HD and they vary from short films to fully produced editions that will open the doors to my world, thoughts, and fantasies. I was born for HD, but you might die when you see each new release! Also, Antonella’s Slow Motion Theater is going to be like nothing you’ve ever seen before!

Collectible Merchandise


I have so many exciting ideas for Antonella collectibles that sometimes it feels like my head will explode! My store will start with just a few must-have items, but you’ll always want to check back for new additions. Plus, there will be opportunities for fans with special talents to market their Antonella works of art as well! If you are a member and you have a great idea for my store, just send me an email and I’ll review it.