A_Merchandise_BraSet Signed Antonella Bra and Pantie Set

Signed Antonella Bra and Pantie Set with Photo Authentication


Product Description

I know you already think my beautiful, delicious, all-natural, 32-JJ-cup breasts are big, but when you take my bra out of the package and you come face-to-face with Brazilla, make sure you take a selfie for me…really…I wanna see it! Because a handful of gentlemen who are now proud owners of one (or more) of my hardworking bras has describe it as “Shock and Awe.” Sure, you will put it on your head and then sleep with it on your pillow (unless your wife or GF wouldn’t appreciate it), but you will probably be blown away. My girls are MASSIVE, and you will have a reference—up close and personal—for the rest of your life. Oh, and I’m throwing in the panties, although I think it constitutes cruelty to animals, lol!

* All garments have been properly cleaned prior to shipping.

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Weight16 oz


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