Antonella’s Custom Role-Play Videos – FINAL SALE for 2020!


For the first time ever, you can order your own, customized, Antonella Role-Play Video! So reserve your mind-blowing movie today before this LIMITED-TIME discount offer expires!

Product Description


I know this news may be upsetting to my wonderful, devoted, collectors all over the world (and you know who you are!); but 2020 will be my last year to offer custom video collaborations. There are so many reasons for this, and all of them are great, but mostly, it’s because the demands on my time for other projects are simply taking over, and that’s only because fans like you care enough to engage with me…so thank you soooo much!

So, if you are a collector, I suggest you stock-up on some of our video collaborations to keep your fantasies cumming true for years to cum!

And if this is your first time…with me, I mean…then you better get your shit together fast and book out the whole year. You may never catch up to my long-time connoisseurs, but you will never regret 1-dollar spent on our videos…I promise sweetheart!

And so you understand: Each video project is a collaboration between you and me to decide on the theme, my outfit, details of the role-play, and anything else that promises to make this the most AMAZING video you will ever own!!!

These projects take careful planning and set-up time (outfits, wigs etc.), and I can only produce a VERY limited number of custom videos per month. So order yours and reserve your delivery date TODAY!


NOTE: I LOVE role-play, but there are certain limits that must be respected, and I will reject any scenarios that are outside of my comfort zone.


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